Keratin Cure Laboratory Results - No Formaldehyde

Keratin Cure was one of the first in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Market to have a treatment that is free of formaldehyde hair treatment and the leader of the 0% formaldehyde treatment with 100% results!  Keratin Cure Bio passes all industry and individual country standard and laws for non-harmful ingredients.

In a market where Brazilian Keratin hair therapies are problematic and full of health risks, it is our pleasure to offer the first ever Brazilian Keratin Treatment which is truly 100% Formaldehyde free. Yes, our “Bio” products have no equal! They contain 0% formol, with 100% results.

We have several lab reports that verify our claims and from reputable, FDA accredited laboratories. Our Keratin Cure Bio formula contains only 20 parts per million of formaldehyde. To establish a sense of relativity on how little formaldehyde 20 Parts Per Million is, we have provided a link to a list of foods which contain about the same amount of formaldehyde as our “Bio” treatment. The percentage is avoidable as a natural product and passes all requirements worldwide.

Applied Consumer Services Lab Report

* Introductory Letter
* Labratory Result 
USA - State of Florida Drug & Cosmetic Act Compliance
* Official Certificate of Free Sale


Each Keratin Cure’s ingredients is FDA approved and listed on the ingredient deck under their official INCI name. INCI (international nomenclature cosmetics ingredient) is the universal ingredient index approved by both The FDA and ECC which adheres to global guidelines and regulations.

The US government (FDA) is in compliance with global regulations which includes but not restricted to the following: formulations, ingredients and ingredient percentages in formulations. Keratin Cure products are in full compliance with the FDA & ECC. Both agencies are in full observance to global cosmetic policy.

Keratin Cure products conform and meet EU requirements and are in full compliance for human use, free of prohibited materials and is permitted to sell product thought the USA, Canada, Europe Union Countries, Asia, Australia and others.

Keratin Cure guarantees that the products sold in the USA are the same as in all other countries.


No formaldehyde means - there is no bad smell, no burning irritation, no running nose, and no tears from itchy eyes. Keratin Cure Bio produces just straight, manageable and beautiful hair, associated with an utterly pleasant experience.

Our Keratin Cure Bio products have the benefits of:

1-     Same day wash, not three long days of waiting to rinse.

2-     Gel solution which means you save money and can service more clients with one bottle!

3-     Keratin Cure Bio is so safe that it may be applied on kids and pregnant women; and because it is nontoxic, Keratin Cure Bio may also be marketed for home use!

Imagine the possibilities now that the fear factor has been eliminated by this revolutionary safe product to straighten the hair.

A complete kit of Keratin Cure Bio Hair Treatment consists of:

1)   Clarifying Pre-Treatment Shampoo

2)   Treatment

3)   Post Treatment Shampoo

4)   Post Treatment Conditioner


Each of the above components of the Keratin Cure Bio Hair Treatment Kit is available in either one of two flavours: Gold & Honey, or Chocolate Max, and obtainable in sizes: 300 ml (10.14 fl.oz), 500 ml (16.9 fl.oz), or 1000 ml (33.8 fl.oz). Moreover, Gold & Honey also exists in size 120 ml (4.1 fl.oz).


In addition to other hair and beauty products, we also offer Hair Silicone Shine & Cure Maximum Strength to protect the treated hair from UV sunlight, as well as from sea water.

At our website, please see our Keratin Cure Product LineFrequently Asked Questions, instructional videos application process: Videos


Please contact us if you might have any further questions.

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